James Opie Afghan Carpet Project

Incredible, crisp detail section of a Shekarlu

MISSION POSSIBLE: To connect people who want to work with rug-minded consumers in the US looking forĀ  outstanding quality products and, who want to contribute to a favorable impact for the troubled nation of Afghanistan. Purchasing these Afghan products helps the communities and the weavers. Hazara Afghan weavers utilize the finest hand spun Central Asian wools and natural dyes. Mr. Opie carefully selects the most interesting tribal and village designs for the project. These intricate designs require fine work and a high knot count.

The Opie Afghan Project will be featured in our gallery through the month of July….Become a part of this amazing effort by purchasing one of these extraordinary carpets!

Lovely Luri 3.1x4.11

James Opie is the author of Tribal Rugs A Complete Guide to Nomadic and Village Carpets. His first book Tribal Rugs of Southern Persia was published in 1981. James Opie was awarded the Joseph V. McMullan Award in 1993 for scholarly contributions in the field of Islamic textiles.

Very finely woven Khamseh with hand spun wools/natural dyes!

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