“Green” and Social Responsibility in the Market Place

“Green” means natural fibers, hand spun wool and natural dyes in our business.  It also means a healthier rug for your home with no added chemicals or chemical treatments.  All of our rugs are soap washed before shipping abroad.  Carpets can be vacuumed front and back or beaten with an implement to remove dust and dirt (harmful allergens as well).  Dust and allergens cannot be completely eliminated from wall to wall carpet.

Social Responsibility in the Market Place

Josephine Keir supports businesses that are people friendly.  All of our rugs and carpets come from sources whereby the weavers and their communities benefit from the carpet business.

For example, the Tibetan rugs that we sell come from weavers that are RUGMARK foundation members such as New Moon Rugs or Stephanie Odegard. RUGMARK is a nonprofit organization working to end illegal child labor int the carpet industry andf offer educational opportunities to children in India, Nepal and Pakistan.

A main supplier of our rugs supports the Machik Tibet Project.  Machik is a non-governmental, non-profit organization whose mission is to work collaboratively to support innovative strategies that promote the sustainable development and strengthening of local communities in the Himalayan region and neighboring areas.

Barakat, Inc. is a registered non-profit organization, established to support groups that have little power or influence in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, beginning with schools in the carpet weaving communities.  There is teacher training in Afghanistan, partnerships to provide clean water, and 26 home based literacy programs serving 800 girls and women.  In 2007, Barakat’s schools and literacy programs served 2,900 women and children in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.  Barakat’s mission is to improve the well being of marginalized groups in South and Central Asia by increasing access to quality education and a healthy environment.